The Inspiration & Motivation Gundert School

School years are a period of intense physical emotional and social growth. Growing children need careful nurturing. Gundert Foundation School aims to impart value education to growing children irrespective of their diverse social status. The school provides an atmosphere to develop positive attitude and leadership qualities in students while upholding high academic standards. The staff, students management and governing body combinely strive to become more effective citizens as well as human beings through a life dedicated to learning.

At Gundert Foundation School, it is our frim conviction that every child bears immense potential that hasn’t been realized yet. We aim to build confidence, leadership qualities an awareness of the time and surroundings, social consciousness and a sense of equality in our students. We want our students to possess knowledge and also to apply it to face life’s challenges, even after school years.

Gundert foundation School, an initiative of Gundert Foundation, Thalassery, came into being in 1996. What began in humble surroundings on leased building slowly bloomed into an institution of merit. Tireless campaigning by the founders under the leadership and guidance of Sri. Murkoth Ramunni and with the help of many like minded people who wanted to contribute to the cause of shaping future generations enabled the foundation to realize the dream of owning its own campus. In due course sufficient land was purchased and building construction began. In 2009 school was shifted to its own campus at Pullambil Road, manjodi.

The 2.5 acres campus situates in a tranquil area, amidst cooling greenery, away from the hustle and bustle of the township. The school’s natural ambience is ideally condusive for teaching and learning. No other school in the region is blessed with such pleasant and peaceful atmosphere as Gundert Foundation School.

Classes  : LKG – X
Syllabus : CBSEB
Medium of Instruction : English
Managed by : Gundert Foundation
Governed by Assists By : PT Association
Head Master
PTA President


President : Sri.K.K Raghavan
Member Secretary : Sri.M.Pushparajan (Principal GFS)

1. Smt:P.K.Gouri –Retd Principal DIET
2. Sri:V.V.Madhavan –Retd Principal Navodaya
3. Prof.M.S.Sudheeran –Retd Principal
4. Sri.P.Rajendran –Retd Principal
5. Sri.A.K.Suresh
6. Sri.M.M.Kumaran –Retd Teacher
7. Sri.K.M.Dharmapalan –Retd bank Manager
8. Sri.M.P.Balakrishnan-Retd Principal DIET
9. Sri.N.Balakrishnan-retd Deputy Collector
10. Sri.K.Saseendran-Retd Engineer PWD
11. Smt.Jessy Ragesh –PTA P President
12. Sri. Gafoor Manayath –Member PTA
13. Smt.Sudha.C.P –Teacher GFS
14. Smt.M.Sajani - Teacher GFS
15. Sri.K.M.Lakshmanan –Retd AEO
16. Smt.K.Pushpavally –Retd H.M

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